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When exactly can we get into the apartment and when do we have to leave the apartment?
The rooms are available between 14:00 PM and 16:00 PM depending on what we have agreed. You have to leave the rooms until 10:00 AM.
When and how do we have to pay?
You have to pay the total price in cash when you check in or in advance with via bank transfer. Pension Michael keeps the right to decide individually which payment is used.
What about weekends, high days and holidays etc. ?
We keep the right to charge another price for events, weekends, holidays high days etc. without explicitly pointing that out in the price section.
What about parking places near the Apartment?
We have parking places directly in front of the house.
Do childrens get any discount and how much is it?
children from 0 to 3 years old are free of charge and children from 4 to 12 years old pay only half price.
Can we bring our pets along?
Generally we allow pets. Depending on the race and size we charge 8,00 to 10,00 Euro/day. Please make sure that you inform us about your pet in time.
Can we smoke in the apartment?
It is not allow to smoke in the bedrooms, but you can smoke in the living room if no other guest feels troubled through that.
When do we make the key delivery?
The key delivery depends on what we have agreed before and can be fit individaully to your needs.
What do we have to pay if we want to cancel the contract?
We have detailed information to that in our business conditions. Below you can find a short summary of the most important parts:

If the customer cancels the contract, he has to pay for the harm he caused with that. The customer has to pay an overall charge as follows:

The customer cancels corresponds to a payment of harm of:
at 21 days  0 %
at 20 to 21 days  20 %
at 15 to 20 days  40 %
at 10 to 15 days  60 %
at 5 to 10 days  80 %
at 0 to 5 days  100 %
before starting the contract of the price agreed in the contract
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